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    Why You Need a Mentor

    Years off the learning curve

    Whether you're a college student or a c-level executive at a fortune 500 company, there is always something new and exciting in the world to learn or experience. Why start at the bottom floor and make mistakes, when you can learn from your mentor's mistakes and increase your chances of success in anything you do?

    Your journey is not traveled alone

    Whether you are starting your first company, or just need help with your calculus homework, it's nice to know that you have someone in your corner. Having money falling out of your pocket doesn't make a great mentor, someone who cares about giving back and seeing you win is what makes a mentor worth having.

    Increase clarity in your direction

    Wherever you go, it can be challenging to network with people who actually want to mentor you and have your best interest at heart. Let us do the dirty work of finding them, you will only reap the rewards.

    Recognizing unknown talents and abilities

    There are times where others can see our value before anyone else can. A recent survey with fortune 500 CEO's shows that 96% of them have had mentors at one point in their lives. Our greatest resource is people, so it's time to give back to millions of knowledge-hungry individuals.

  • How does it work?

    The mentorship process

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    Get Started

    Once you are signed up, you will be offered an eTasked Welcome call *Optional* with one of our staff. Where you will talk about your goals and what you hope to achieve with your mentor.


    A Relationship Born

    After the Welcome Call and your profile is completed, our team will hand pick 2 mentors a month to help you reach your goals. We think mentorship is based on more than just what you like or want to do, it's about you and your mentor as a person. We will match you on more than just your industry or field.


    Crush Your Goals

    Measure your goals, share it with the world! Let your mentors carry you to success and change your future, there is no limit to the heights you can reach with an incredible mentor having your back.

    Power in your hands


    Goal Setting

    Let's crush it

    Not everyone has a clear plan for what they want to achieve. What should life look like 5 years from now? What are the steps that will make a big dream a reality?


    eTasked encourages people to work with mentors, define a mission, and develop a set of actionable goals.

    Improve motivation, satisfaction, and retention.


    Training and Resources

    Learn all the time

    Some questions pop up all the time, and they have simple answers - if only people knew where to find them.


    eTasked brings your shared internal resources, questions, and discussions into one smart online forum.


    Your're one of a kind

    Your one of a kind, there is no one who has had the life and experiences you have had. Learning isn't and shouldn't be cookie cutter, everyone mentorship relationship is one-on-one based on you and your situation to help you grow to your largest potential. (Via eTasked private chat, you can also use email, video chat connected to our platform..)

    Learn Together

    Strength in numbers

    While one-on-one personal education is incredibly important, so is learning and collaborating with like-minded individuals. We have mentee groups based on our mentees interests so you can find people just like your self and grow together.

    And so much more..

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